Jan 2015

Maiden Voyage

The Cedar Creek had been sitting in storage long enough. Mary nor I had anything pressing on our calendar for the next three days. We started weighing the issues with taking the RV for a mini trip. It is winterized - the hot water tank is empty, all water lines have been blown out, there is antifreeze in all the traps, all storage tanks are empty. If we take it out we either will not have any water or we will have to de-winterize it and then re-winterize it when the mini-trip is over. Read More...

Cozumel, Mexico

Last year Shelley and Dave asked if we would be interested in accompanying them to Cozumel, Mexico to watch Keenan while they went scuba diving. Since they wanted to go in winter and we were going to be in North Carolina anyway, we decided to go. Shelley and Dave both told us that the place we were staying was not fancy, but was one of their favorite places to go. The plan was to fly out early on December 27. Read More...