Jul 2015

Family & Friends

We returned to Missoula on Friday. Friday evening we went to dinner with Corrine. On Saturday morning, I headed to Flathead Lake to spend some time with my cousins. Kelly and Sandy have a place on Finley Point. My cousins Leslie, Pam, Kelly & Sandy were/are there visiting. I arrived in time to spend a few minutes with Leslie before she headed home. Sandy, Pam and I hung out at Finley Point for a few days before Pam and I headed to Glacier National Park. Read More...

Video by Mary

Mary compiled a video of some of the photos and video shot on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Click on the "read more" link to see the video. Enjoy….


Last Day on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Zach (one of the guides) woke us up this morning by walking past our tents playing his guitar and singing a song. While it was overcast, rain was not falling. Today was our last day on the river and we were scheduled to be at the takeout at 1:00 so we had to get up earlier than usual. Breakfast was ready when we got up. Following breakfast we packed up quickly. Read More...

Middle Fork of the Salmon Day 4 & 5

In keeping with the rest of the trip, today started out cold. The sun was peeking out before we got onto the river. Today was the longest day on the river and there were several large rapids. While the air was cool, the sun was shinning so I was comfortable on the raft. Mary was in her kayak, her drain plug was open (which means water was pouring into the kayak) so she was very cold. Before lunch we ran one of the biggest rapids on the river, Tappen Falls. Read More...

Middle Fork of the Salmon Day 2 & 3

We woke to partly cloudy skies. Before breakfast (french toast, bacon & fruit) the sun had broken through the clouds. We would be dressed in wet clothes, but it looked like we would have sunshine which would help us stay warm. On river trips we pretty much take two outfits - one for the day (river clothes) and one for camp. Both mine and Mary's river clothes are wet. Read More...

Middle Fork of the Salmon Day 1

The alarm went off at 6:15. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window hoping to see the sun. The fog was so thick I could not see the mountains or the sky. I jumped in the shower, woke Mary and opened the hotel room door - not good, not good, not good - thick fog and very cold air.... Mary fussed at me about being negative until she stepped outside and saw and felt the conditions.

Missoula to Stanley, ID

We dropped Moxie off at Reggie and Fred's house before 9:00 and headed down Highway 93 through the Bitterroot Valley. Before we crossed the border into Idaho the skies had become heavy with grey clouds and the temperature had dropped into the sixties. The scenery was beautiful, but I was continually distracted by the increasing grey clouds and the dropping temperature. We were heading to Stanley, ID for a week-long trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Read More...