Jun 2012

Taylor's Birthday Party

Let the princess’ party begin!!!


Taylor's Birthday Weekend Part #2

After leaving Mountain Play Lodge we went to get lunch and to take Mary’s car back to our house before heading to our next stop. The plan was that Keenan and Taylor would sleep in the car following lunch and we would take the scenic route to our house and then on to our next stop. Taylor did a good job of napping - Kennan not so much. Read More...

Taylor's Birthday Weekend Part #1

Taylor turns four on June 28th. She had a princess birthday party this Saturday. Disney has done a stellar job of making all girls age three to eight think that they are princesses. Shelley, Keenan and I headed to Asheville early Friday morning. We arrived at our house around noon. After getting all of the stuff that Keenan needs in order to travel taken inside and set up we went to Hendersonville to see Kyle, Katie & Taylor. Read More...

Paula's Lodge

Hi, this is Mary writing this blog entry (that is not me in the photo shooting at pigeons).


The Turtle Whisperers

Shelley and Dave left for Chicago today. Keenan is visiting with her other grandparents this weekend. We were left in charge of the house and the dogs. By 1:00 the yard crew and the insect sprayers had already come to the house and done their job leaving us with no more responsibilities for the day. Read More...

I Could Be Rich

If I charged per pound for laundry service, I could have made a small fortune over the past year. I have washed three large loads just today - the washer and dryer here are quite a bit larger than my washer and dryer so when I say large loads, I really mean large. Read More...