Jun 2016

Superlatives or Not

We have spent quite a bit of time traveling. Based on our experiences here are the best and worst of places where we have spent enough time to have a fair biased opinion (yes, I meant biased). I am sure there are many categories we have omitted by accident and some we omitted because there were no "stand outs." We only included places where we have been multiple times or for several months.

Life in the Schoolyard

We found a unique opportunity in Anchorage. We are school stewards at the largest school in the state. Being a school steward is the best volunteer position we have ever held. As a school steward, we live in the school parking lot. The school provides us with electrical hookup, water hookup and wifi (which we don't need because we have our own). Our duties are very simple - we live in the school parking lot and notify authorities if there is a problem. We provide weekly pumping out of our sewage tanks ($40 - this is our choice some people take their RV to a dump station and dump the tanks as needed). The school gets a human presence on campus and we get a great place to live for three months with our only cost being $40 a week which is less than one night in an RV park. Read More...

Cheryl's Visit

Earlier this year Cheryl (my younger sister) said she was going to visit us if we went to Alaska. Lots of people say they are going to visit us but fewer than half actually do visit. Cheryl hates being cold and the last place in the United States that I would expect her to visit us is in Alaska. However, Cheryl arrived from Charlotte, NC on June 9th. Even though it is summer, we made sure that her bed had an electric mattress pad on it so she would be warm. I also pulled out my winter clothes and jackets so she would have extra clothing if she got cold. She did not arrive until 10:00 PM (which was 2:00 AM in Cheryl's time zone). When we got to the RV I showed her how to operate the electric mattress pad and to turn on the fireplace if she got cold under the down comforter and fleece blankets on her bed. Read More...

Alaska Update

We have been in Alaska for a month. It is warmer than we had anticipated and the weather has been beautiful. Things are turning green and flowers are blooming in the woods and in yards. One of the most prolific bloomers smells lovely and has beautiful white flowers. These trees are everywhere in the woods and in peoples yards. I liked them so much that I looked on the Internet to find out what they were. Come to find out, they are Chokecherry trees which is an invasive species that is deadly to moose. After finding out about the trees, I don't think they are so pretty anymore.