Mar 2015

Day 3 - NC to MT

The good looking girl in the photo is my copilot and walking buddy, Moxie. We were up before the sun this morning. We went for a long walk. Moxie enjoyed running through the corn fields smelling all the smells. We were back at the RV park before Mary even thought about getting out of bed.

Day 2 - NC to MT

Last night before going to bed, I pulled out the info on the RV toilet that came with the RV. I think I discovered the problem. I sent an email to our RV dealer in NC begging for help. This morning I had an email telling me that there was not much they could do from afar, but give me the phone number for Cedar Creek customer service and tell me to call them.


Day 1 - NC to MT

Last night we hitched up the RV to the truck. Mary generally does not hitch up, but she was driving the truck and appeared to be lined up so I motioned her to come on back - "POP" right into the hitch on the first try. I don't know who was more impressed, Mary or me. To celebrate, and because there was no food in the house, we went out to dinner. In yesterday's blog there was a photo of kayaks on top of the car….. Read More...

Last Day at Home

Today is our last day at home for a while. We leave for Montana in the morning - 2300 miles away. Today was spent cleaning house, finishing loading the RV, etc. Moxie knows we are leaving soon and becomes anxious every time one of us heads toward the door. Mary worked at REI today. We hitched up the RV after she got off work. When we go to bed this evening we will be ready to go. All we will have to do in the morning is go to the storage lot, get in the truck and head west. Read More...

The Quest

In my never ending quest to find an inexpensive, clean and safe place to live, I found an "RV lot" listed in the Missoula Craigslist for under $300 a month. In my mind, a spot to park an RV should not cost more than $300 a month; after all, we are talking about a reasonably flat piece of property at least 20 feet wide by 60 feet long with an electrical box, a water faucet, and a hole in which to connect a sewer hose. How expensive can that be???? Read More...

The Excitement Builds

Moxie knows we are packing up and getting ready to go. She checks out everything we put in the car to take to the RV. I suppose she is making sure that her things are being packed. Moxie seems to really enjoy RV living. The new RV will give Moxie a little more space for her belongings. She has a closet for her dog food, bones, treats, jackets, etc. Moxie has a bed in the living room right beside the recliner, and she has very nice sleeping quarters in the walk-in closet in the bedroom. Read More...

Time Marches On

We plan to be on the road one week from today (next Sunday). We will spent this week packing the RV, clearing stuff out of the house, doing last minute things, and best of all spending time with friends and family. Mary works four days this week including Friday and Saturday before we plan to leave Sunday morning. This means we need to be very close to ready to go by Thursday. Read More...

Packing Up / Cleaning Out

We are in the process of packing the RV, planning our trip, and preparing the house to be rented. We are doing this with a few handicaps. Mary tore her Achilles tendon snowboarding and has been out of work and in a cast for the past six weeks. She has tried to help with packing and cleaning out the house as much as she can. Keenan is without a nanny so I have been and will continue to go to Creedmoor (4 hours away) to help with Keenan. We are also trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and family before we leave town the end of this month. Ready or not, we will leave town by the end of the month.