Mar 2016

Whistle Pig Season

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Whistle Pig Season comes right after mud season in southwestern Idaho. March and April are prime whistle pig season months. Whistle pigs hibernate underground during the summer and winter months. They live in the high desert shrub and grassland areas that surround Boise. We start seeing / hearing whistle pigs the end of February and they are back underground by Memorial Day. Read More...

Trip Planning

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In general, I think I am pretty good at trip planning. Mary and I have also become quite adapt at winging it with a thirty-nine foot fifth-wheel and a monster truck. Our comfort with both of these things and a desire to visit Alaska led to our decision to make Alaska our next destination.

Our initial thought was "no big deal" we have driven across the lower forty-eight many times, we can handle a long drive. Mary immediately started looking for things we might want to see/do in Alaska. I started looking at the logistics of making the trip. Read More...

Some of the Reasons we Love Boise


We have been in Boise for about six months now. This is our second time in Boise (we were here for twelve months four years ago) and we are still amazed at all Boise has to offer.

One of the first things we noticed about Boise is the low cost of living. Our spot at the RV park is less than half the cost of a similar spot in other places we have visited and the park has more amenities. Read More...