May 2012

Hello Cousin

A few months ago I realized that my cousin, Pam, lived near the Amtrak route that runs through Raleigh/Durham. It didn’t take too much talking to convince Cheryl (my sister) that we needed to take Amtrak and visit Pam. Our trip happened this weekend.


The Haw River

People who have spent much time outdoors with Mary knows that she loves doing “exploratory” hikes and bike rides. Lately she has taken to doing exploratory kayak trips. Today’s exploratory trip took place on the muddy Haw River. The section of the river she selected is rated class I/II+ which means it could be a bit difficult for me at normal/average flow (I am ok on most class II stuff - the class II+ looks scary to me). Mary thought the river was running low, but I thought it must be flooded based on the very muddy water.


Roll Practice

In order for kayakers to maintain some semblance of safety in water they must practice getting out of an upside down kayak (this is called a wet exit) or righting the upside down kayak while sitting in it (this is called rolling). We determined that the water in the pool was warm enough to practice wet exits and rolls today. Warm enough does not mean comfortably warm. My original plan was to just sit in my boat and rescue Mary if she was not able to roll successfully. I did not want to get wet (I do not like cold water). Read More...

North Hills Kids

Today was a crazy day at the house, the housekeepers, the lawn service & the mosquito sprayers were all scheduled to be here. Mary had a meeting at REI at 9:00. The dogs had to have somewhere to stay that was not in the house or in the yard. I decided they could spend the day in the courtyard - that way they could not bother the housekeepers nor the people working outside.


Georgia on Mary's Mind

Mary returned this afternoon from a five day play date in North Georgia, Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. This was her second trip within a month. She went to mountain bike and kayak with some old friends (old as in “long term” and years on earth). Read More...

Dead Broke Farm - Day 2 & 3

Dead Broke Farm doesn’t only have horses; there are also chickens, roosters, rabbits, dogs, gunnies, snakes and wild turkeys. There may be more animals, but I have not met them. I arrived at the farm around 7:15 Saturday morning. I was greeted by this rooster perched on the hitching post. He was making sure everyone knew it was time to get to work. Read More...

The Horse Whisper?

Last week I decided to check around and see if anyone did horseback trail rides in this area. There are a lot of horses and large horse farms in the area. While looking online, I found a place called Dead Broke Farms. Dead Broke offers group trails rides for $60 an hour per person and is only about nine miles from the house. Read More...

Allergies & Humidity

There are some things that I really don’t like about the southeastern states. Two of those things are allergies and humidity (a third is bugs but they are not too bad - yet). The house HVAC system is designed to reduce allergens and humidity. I suppose they help some, but there is no way to compare so who knows for sure. Read More...