May 2014

Arizona Adventures

Mary has had several days off work lately and we have been spending theses days going on adventures. Northern Arizona has plenty of places to explore and things to do outdoors. We have hiked, mountain biked, road biked and driven around looking for adventure.

Secret Canyon

Secret Canyon is not really a secret. It is a slot canyon on the Navajo Reservation outside of Page, AZ. Mary had never been inside a slot canyon so we signed up for a tour of Secret Canyon.


Havasu Falls & Supai Village

Deep in the Grand Canyon is the small Native American village of Supai. Supai Village looks more like a village one would find in a third world country than a village one would find in the United States. There are no roads or sidewalks. There are no cars. Mail and other supplies are delivered by mule. There is a K-8 school, a store, a clinic, a restaurant of sorts, a tourist office, a motel and a campground (two miles out of town). Read More...