Nov 2011

House Cleaning & Winter Gardens AGlow

I woke up in a house cleaning mood this morning. In a lot of ways RVs are easier to clean than a regular house. The main reason is because they are much smaller. I have kind of cleaned at some stuff since I got home a week and a half ago, but I have not done any serious cleaning.


So Much to be Thankful For

I woke up excited today. I have always liked Thanksgiving, but this year I was more excited about it than usual. Today was more than Thanksgiving. Today was a day away from dealing with all the not so pleasant things that currently occupy most of my thoughts. Read More...

Explosion & Fire Photos

If you want to see photos from the fire and explosion, there is a link at the top of this page. Read More...

Getting it Together

It has been a week. Our truck has over $13,000 in damages - the shop keeps calling to let me know they have found more things that have to be fixed. Read More...

The Search for Sanity

have one goal today - to find at least a few hours of sanity and reason and escape from the horrors of the last few days. We moved out of the hotel and back into the RV yesterday. I spent the day cleaning, straightening, etc. I also reinsulated our water source. The heat from the fire had melted the insulation we had put on the pump and hose. I also hooked up the park’s cable tv since we no longer have an antenna (it was torn off the top of the RV). I am so very happy to be back home even though the exterior of the RV looks like we are in the middle of some kind of disaster. I cannot clean the outside of the RV because a “body man” is coming by to look at it on Monday. Inside the RV is quite pleasant. Read More...

Keenan Update

The morning following Keenan’s CT scan, she woke up smiling. She slept much of the day, but seemed no worse for the experience. Shelley and Dave finally heard from the surgeon. The CCAM is larger than they had thought it would be and it has developed its own vascular system. While this sounds bad, it does not change the results. Read More...

The Morning After

I was glad when it was finally close enough to a reasonable hour to get out of bed. I was not sleeping anyway. The dogs and I left the room to go for a walk around 5:30 AM. It was cold and still raining, but we still went for a fairly long walk.

The Very Long Very Bad Day Gets Worse

My flight was on time, even a little early. Mary was waiting at the airport when I arrived. We drove back to the RV park. Read More...

The Very Long Very Bad Day

Keenan was born with a Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (CCAM) in her left lung. Approximately one in thirty thousand fetus develop a CCAM. Doctors do not know why causes one part of the lung to develop abnormally. They do know that the cyclic tissue involved will never function as a normal lung. Read More...


Pasted Graphic 1
Mary is completing an application for “The Amazing Race” and made an iMovie as part of the application. Read More...

Mary's Bike Ride

Mary claims that she does not like mountain biking in Idaho because of any or all of the following reasons:
  • It’s not Pisgah (a national forest in North Carolina);
  • It is not challenging enough;
  • It’s not Pisgah;
  • The trails are too steep;
  • It’s not Pisgah;

Ski / Snowboard Jackets

Pasted Graphic 1
Mary called today and during our conversation she casually mentioned that she has purchased another snowboard. I feel certain that this was inspired by all the weather folks who are predicting that La Nina is going to dump large amounts of snow in the Northwest this season. Read More...


I am currently living in one corner of Shelley’s & Dave’s house. I have a large bedroom, bath, walk in closet and deck with deck furniture to call my own. Between my area of the house and Shelley’s & Dave’s room are three large unused rooms (two bedrooms and an office). Between my area and the living room is a large open courtyard. Read More...

Being Grandma

I had the pleasure of spending time with both of my grand babies at the same time this weekend. Shelley had a conference in Charlotte on Friday and Saturday. Charlotte is half way to Hendersonville so it seemed like a good time to visit Kyle, Katie & Taylor. An added plus for Keenan and myself was getting to spend time with Cheryl in Charlotte while Shelley attended meetings. Read More...