Sep 2011

Visiting Aunts

My sister and I decided to go to Kentucky to visit two of our three maternal aunts. My mom died when I was 34 years old and her two older sisters live in Louisville and Lexington. I got up early Friday morning and hopped on an Amtrak train to Charlotte where my sister picked me up at the station. I jumped in the driver’s seat (my sister does not like to drive in the rain or on highways - we had seven and a half hours of both ahead of us) and we headed to KY. Read More...

Mary's Sawtooth Adventure

This entry was written by Mary and edited by Barbara:

The Sawtooth Mountain Range is part of the Rocky Mountains, located near Stanley, Idaho. The mountains encompass and area of six hundred seventy-eight square miles. There are peaks over 10,000 feet high in the mountain range along with many alpine lakes. It is a backpacker’s paradise. The mountain range is called Sawtooth because of its appearance.


Shelley is back at work full-time. That means Keenan and I get to spend the day together four days a week. Read More...

Early Morning Paddle

This morning I arrived at the Falls Lake put-in on Old Weaver Trail around 7:30. I had Shelley’s sit-on-top kayak with me along with a cup of Chai. There is something about slicing the paddle into the water and floating in and out of the morning shadows that is very relaxing. I saw a lot of egrets and blue herons, some jumping fish and a few other birds that I do not have names for. There were no other paddlers in the water or fisher people on the shore - just me, my chai and the birds. A great way to start the day. Read More...


I am starting to feel more at home in Creedmoor. I am making plans for my self-declared days off (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays). The weather is starting to cool off a bit although the air conditioning still runs all night. Life for Shelley and Dave seems to have changed more radically than life for me. They were used to having dinner out several nights a week and attending things most evenings and on the weekends. Now they are too tired to do either.