Sep 2012

Asheville (actually Fairview)

Thursday we drove to a campground in Newport, TN. On the way we stopped at a White Castle so I could get some hamburgers. We used to get White Castle burgers when we visited my grandparents in Kentucky - I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten. Now that I am older, I suppose my taste buds have changed, because they just aren’t as good as when I was a child. None-the-less, I still have to have a few burgers every time I travel past a White Castle. Read More...


Neither one of us had ever been in a midwestern storm until this evening. We found the nicest little truck stop in which to spend the night. It has a nice little deli and a bakery and coffee shop. Best of all it is located in the middle of nowhere and has plenty of room where we can park away from the trucks. We have a nice view of wide open fields. Every thing seemed great until….. Read More...

On the Road

We spent all day driving from northwest Montana to northeast Wyoming. If you are going to be driving all day, Montana is a good state to be in.


Goodbye to Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is my favorite national park - at least it is my favorite of all the national parks I have visited.


Glacier National Park - Day 22

Today is our last full day in Glacier National Park. We hiked to Swiftcurrent Ridge Lake this morning. Mary selected the hike because she thought there might be bear on the trail.


Glacier National Park - Day 21

This morning we drove to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. Waterton Lakes is an extension of Glacier National Park. Waterton Lakes was very different from Glacier.