Sep 2014

Happy Trails to the SeaBreeze

In everyone’s life there are defining moments. One of ours was the moment we bought the SeaBreeze. We didn’t realized it at the time we made the purchase. The realization came later when we began living a nomadic life.

After years of research and searching for the perfect RV, we found the SeaBreeze by accident. Read More...

The Decision to Buy

In 2012 we decided that it was time to either look for a new RV, stop RVing full-time, or spend a lot of money on the SeaBreeze and still be lacking features that we wanted / needed. The 2001 SeaBreeze lacks the new electronic things that make RVing easier and safer. We looked and looked and looked at new RVs. All were larger than the SeaBreeze (we did not want larger). All had more floor space and amenities that would make driving, setting up, and performing routine maintenance easier and safer (we wanted all of those things).


A New RV!!!

We have been looking for a replacement RV for our beloved 2001 SeaBreeze 5th Wheel for several years. We could not find anything that did not require compromises that we were unwilling to make. Those compromised included quality of appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc; interior storage space; insulation; etc. Read More...

Watoga State Park, West Virginia

After a few weeks at home working on projects we decided to take the RV to Watoga State Park in West Virginia. Our friends Dickey and Emily decided to join us in their RV. Wattage State Park was one of the very first trips we took with the RV. I had forgotten how long it took to get there and how curvy and hilly the last hour of the trip was. Read More...