High Winds

Around 4:00 yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the couch attempting to figure out some stuff for the web pages when the wind suddenly started whipping. Our awning was up and I knew it needed to come down. As I headed for the door I could see that the awning had ripped away from the side pieces that hold it to the metal poles.

The wind was blowing so hard that I could not get the door open. I stood at the window watching the awning being ripped off the RV as rain and hail started to fall. The awning and the metal poles that hold it were blowing around in the wind. When the wind subsided enough that I could force the door open I did. Within a few seconds four neighbors had arrived to help. One immediately climbed up to the roof while the rest of us tried to control the metal poles. Once on the roof he had to come back down because of the wind and a sudden lightening strike. Despite the lightening, we continued to wrestle with the poles and finally got them loose from the blowing awning. One pole hit me in the face. With the poles removed, the awning and its very heavy roller hung limply along the side of the RV. Neighbors held it up so I could get inside the RV and headed to their own RVs for shelter from the storm.

By the time the storm subsided, Mary returned home. She and the neighbors cut the awning to get me out of the RV. We removed some of the remaining twisted metal, gathered up all the broken pieces and taped the metal awning cover up above the door so the door could be opened and closed. I called a mobile RV repair service (leaving a message) and emailed our insurance agent.

We had a late dinner and a quiet evening. Sorry no time for pictures of the storm.