Settling In

Yesterday was grocery shopping and laundry day mixed in with a little exploring around town. I spent some time in Missoula years ago and perhaps should know my way around, but was glad to have the GPS to help me out yesterday. Today we did some more exploring and did a short hike in Pattee Canyon. Mary is only allowed to do short hikes while her Achilles Tendon heals.

This weekend and next week are supposed to be cold (highs in the 40s & 50s and lows below freezing). We are going through some propane keeping the RV warm. Unfortunately this RV park does not have propane service so we are going to have to take the tanks elsewhere to be filled. The good news is that we have an electric fireplace and a space heater to supplement the propane furnace so we do not go through the propane as quickly as we could.

We seem to be getting things organized and setup in the RV and learning how to use everything. Mary has still not learned to use the new coffee pot - we have had two major messes where coffee ends up all over the place - maybe the third time will be the charm. We think we have the TVs mastered. We can watch over the air local channels, cable channels, and can even stream movies with ROKU. Mary worked with the audio system today and is making headway on having it do what she wants. We still struggle with all the water valves, but have finally learned how to access the onboard water tank. Today's biggest problem is that the microwave/convection oven which worked last night will not work today. A little investigating determined that the appliance is not the problem. The problem is the electrical outlet. I have emailed Cedar Creek Customer Service to find out what we need to do to solve the problem. So far, Cedar Creek has covered all the issues we have had under warranty - as they should. We are beginning to think we have a lemon.

The RV still feels very spacious compared to the old one. I am loving the electric fireplace and Mary is thrilled with the large shower. We will both be happy when all the kinks have been worked out and everything operates as it should - every time something goes wrong we both hope it is the last issue we have. I have to believe that day is coming soon.