Within a week, we will be back on the road. In keeping with our fluid (as opposed to static) planning, we know where we are going, we just don't know how we are going to get there. We have had a planned route for a couple of weeks, but based on new info found on the Internet, we are looking at changing our route. A warmer winter in Canada means the route through Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper is in good shape (roads are clear) and a few campgrounds are open. For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while and are asking yourself, "Haven't they already been there?" the answer is yes. We loved the Canadian Rockies and since it (like Yellowstone) is kinda on the way we are thinking about going that way and perhaps hanging out there for a few days. I mean if you are already driving over 3000 miles, what is a few more hundred miles????

There are advantages and disadvantages to relocating in April instead of waiting till summer. The biggest advantage are, a lot less traffic, fewer tourist and more wildlife. The disadvantages are many places including fuel stops and RV parks are closed. The RV parks being closed only become an issue if the temperature is going below freezing. We will be carrying water with us in our holding tanks and having an electric hookup make it much easier to keep the water in the RV from freezing. The fuel stops being closed is a much bigger deal. The biggest issue is the risk of winter weather (as in snow and ice). We are prepared for that if we have to deal with it. We have a generator which will provide us with enough power to keep water from freezing up. We have propane which will keep us warm and we have plenty of food in case we are snowbound for several days (which is highly unlikely, but still possible).

We have a list that ebbs and flows as we complete things that must be done and add more things that we still need to do. The kitchen table stays piled high with stuff we are working on - such things as boxes to be mailed, stuff to be put in vehicles, a modem to be returned to CenturyLink, etc. We have to cancel internet service and propane service and make sure both vehicles are road ready.

This week will be a combination of doing things with friends, doing things for the final time (this trip) and finishing up with the details needed to leave. When we stay in a place for a long time we end up with a lot of "loose" stuff. All of that stuff must be secured before we can move the RV. If you can imagine your house being in an earthquake for over 60 hours; that is what is going to happen to the RV. We will be towing it over 3200 miles over bumps, potholes, frost heaves, possibly a curb or two, etc. Since we will be crossing the Canadian and US borders, we have to be sure we do not have anything that is not allowed, that we have our passports and Moxie's medical records. We will need our national park passes for both the US and Canada.

I am excited about new adventures and sad to be leaving Boise.