On to Alberta, Canada

Leaving Yellowstone did not start out too well. The truck developed some odd electrical issue while sitting in West Yellowstone - it had no lights and the fuel gauge read zero (Mary was sure it had 3/4 tank of fuel). When the truck has no lights, the RV has no lights. We figured it must be a fuse issue so we got out the manual, found the fuse box and realized that there were way to many fuses for us to start messing with and according to the manual you had to disconnect the battery to check some of the fuses. We sure didn't want to mess with that. We called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and within half an hour they had a mechanic there. He messed around in the fuse box and the lights came on (he was not sure why - because he did not remove or change any fuses, but the fuel gauge remained on empty. He got out the check engine light computer and it said a sensor in the fuel tank was not working correctly. In order to fix that the fuel tank would have to be taken off the truck and the broken sensor found and replaced. He asked if we knew about how many miles we could go on a full tank. Mary knew because she keeps track of the mileage ever time she fills up. He said it would cost over $1000 to fix it and if it were him, he would just keep up with the mileage; besides that getting it fixed was not an option in West Yellowstone. I tried to get him to trade trucks with us, but he wasn't interested. There was not much choice but for us to head north to one of the larger towns in Montana.

Mary knew there was three-quarters of a tank of fuel. We were ninety miles from the closest truck stop. We headed north as planned. By the time we got to the truck stop, the fuel gauge has resurrected itself, but the tire pressure monitoring system was going ballistic. Mary had the tire pressure on the truck tires checked before we installed the monitoring system, but apparently they had not been properly inflated. The closest tire place was several more miles down the road. We stopped at the tire place and Mary had the guys check the tire inflation on all the truck tires. They could not check one of the inside dually tires that was setting off the tire pressure monitor because it was not lined up and they could not get to the inflation thingy. They did not seem inclined to remove the outside dually tire (I suppose it was getting to close to quitting time). We decided to head on, find a place to spend the night and try getting it fixed again in the morning. Once again, Mary turned off the tire pressure monitor so she didn't have to listen to it's alarm. We spent the night at a truck stop in Shelby, MT. I looked up tire places that sold truck tires assuming that they would remove the outside tire and inflate the inner tire. There was a place in Lethbridge, AB (about a hundred miles away from Shelby, MT).

The next morning, we headed to Canada. At the border, the agent asked Mary where she lived. She responded, "In the RV." He did not like that and asked her where she really lived. He seemed to have a hard time believing we did not have a gun or any weapons with us. I don't think we look like Republicans, but apparently he thought we did or maybe it was because we were from North Carolina. He asked both of us about weapons several times. I was driving the SUV behind the RV and after I told him the second time I did not have a gun or any weapons he asked, "Well what about in the RV?" Finally he let us pass without searching the vehicles or us.

In Lethbridge we found the tire place and they said they could inflate the tire. Using jacks to remove the dually tire, the tire was properly inflated. Thinking all was fine, we got back on the interstate and headed north. Mary turned on the tire pressure monitoring system and the two front tires on the truck were reporting that they were inflated to 60 not 75 (the front tires are supposed to be 75 psi and the rear tires are 60 psi), apparently the guys who were unwilling to inflate the dually tire had deflated the front tires to the same inflation as the rear tires. Mary decided she was not stopping again and that she will use our air compressor to inflate the front tires to the proper psi when we got to our destination