Black Smoke - Not a Good Sign

Here we are at the World of Fun Village. You can see the roller coasters in the background. Unfortunately the park was not open so I did not get to ride the roller coasters. Moxie and I walked around the park and there are a lot of roller coasters, a water park, and several other rides.

About 9:00 this morning, Mary left to take the truck to get the new tire. She didn’t make it to the tire store. She called saying that the engine was sputtering and there was black smoke. She had pulled off the road and was calling Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Good Sam called a ford dealer and a tow truck and made arrangements for the truck to be checked. After running a diagnosis on the truck, they found a piece of carbon lodged in the intake valve, cleaned it out and sent Mary on her way.

If you have an RV and do not have Good Sam Roadside Assistance, our suggestion is that you get it immediately. They are wonderful. Yesterday we did not pay a penny for having the tire changed or the truck and RV towed. Today it cost $140 to get the truck diagnosed and fixed. The new tire was more expensive - $240.

After getting the truck fixed Mary went to the tire place to get a new tire. The person she talked with said they knew nothing about a tire. Mary called me and I told her I was sure that was the correct place, but I would check. Mary told them again that I had called yesterday, talked with two different people and one of them had ordered a tire to be delivered this morning. After a while, they found the tire they had ordered for us and

While Mary took care of the truck, I hooked up the TV and all the electronics that go with it. I attempted to catch up on the online games I am playing with friends, but lost my internet connection. (RV parks generally have bad internet connections and lots of outages for some reason.) Moxie and I went for a long walk and practiced her commands (sit, stay, down, etc.). I decided to go to the bath house and take a shower (we have the RV winterized which means there is no water except what we have in gallon jugs), the showers looked nice - just didn’t have any hot water. I took a very quick shower.

Mary returned to the RV park with the truck, we hitched up and were back on the road by 2:45. As usual I was following Mary. We both have a GPS in the vehicle. Mary’s is set for an RV and mine for a car (mine does not have an RV setting). Within a couple of miles, Mary turned south when we needed to be going north. I called her and told her I didn’t think that was right, she told me that was what her GPS said so I said OK. It wasn’t long before she took an exit to downtown Kansas City. I knew that was not right and I called her again. She pulled over and I pulled around her so I could lead her back to where we needed to be. She finally was able to get her GPS reset so that it was working correctly and taking us to Boise.

Tonight we are in Prairie Oasis RV Park in Henderson, Nebraska. It is a good thing we have food in the RV, because there is nothing around us but fields. and more fields. The RV park has lots of amenities - wifi, hot showers, lots of whistle pig holes for Moxie to smell and check out, large trees, and…. an underground shelter for our protection. We are right across from the shelter. I checked it out; s it looks like an eighteen wheeler trailer with a ventilation fan that has been buried in the side of a hill . I suppose something like that could really come in handy in Nebraska.

Moxie loves sleeping in her crate at home, but her crate is too large to take in the RV. We got her a little folding crate for the RV - it is just about too small for Moxie, but it fits under the vanity in the bedroom and she just loves it. She looks very cute all curled up in it.

I am confident we will sleep better tonight knowing there is an underground shelter nearby.