Day 4 - NC to MT

It was sixty-two degrees when I woke up this morning. Moxie and I went for a pre-dawn walk without a coat. By the time the sun came up the temperature had dropped ten degrees and the wind was gusting at forty plus miles an hour. I knew Mary would not be sleeping much longer because of the way my tea was sloshing in my cup. Being in an RV when the wind is gusting can be a little scary because the RV rocks in the wind. This is especially true when the RV is hitched to the truck and none of the leveling legs are down to help hold it still. This morning my tea was sloshing out of my cup.

We were at the RV dealer who was to fix our leaky toilet by the time they opened at 8:00. We walked to a cafe for breakfast while the problem was being fixed. The problem was a little bigger than what the person I talked with at Cedar Creek anticipated. The techs had to take the toilet completely out to replace a defective piece. About an hour and a half later we were ready to roll.

We took the RV to Big Sky Upholstery to have a skirt made. The skirt will provide us with a covered area for storing bicycles and kayaks. We selected a vinyl to match the RV and left the RV with the guys at Big Sky.

This is Mary's first time in South Dakota and she wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. We headed to Mt. Rushmore and as I had thought, Mary was more impressed with the Black Hills which surround Mt. Rushmore than with Mt. Rushmore. I have a hard time understanding why our country decided that defacing rocks by carving presidents' heads into them was a good idea, but perhaps that is just me. I much prefer the natural state of the Black Hills.

The RV skirt was finished around 4:30 and we decided to drive for a few hours. Rapid City was very windy and the wind was supposed to be worse tomorrow. We drove to Gillette, WY. Finding an RV park that is open this time of year in places that get brutally cold in winter can be a challenge. We use an app called AllStays Camp & RV to find RV parks that are opened.

A smart phone and a GPS certainly make life on the road easier and probably safer. We can check the weather; locate fuel stops; find RV parks and free places to spend the night like Walmart & Cabela's; and other useful things. We tend to spend the night in free places right off the interstate when we are traveling unless it is going to be cold. If the temperature is going to be below 50, we generally stay in an RV park where we can plug up to electricity and have heat. Tonight the temperature is suppose to go down to thirty-two degrees.