Two Weeks

My list is getting shorter and the RV is looking great. Those are helmets hanging on the wall - great wall art - don’t you agree???? Mary plans to start on her list today - it is 10:00 and she is still in bed. I like to have things ready to go early on so I have time to remember the things I forgot and can spend the last week before we leave doing the things I want to do rather than rushing around getting ready to go. Mary prefers to go down to the wire when it comes to packing and getting ready to go. That being said, she will have everything done by the morning we are leaving, but it is very likely that she will have some last minute things to be done that morning. The good thing about this is that we are not in each other’s way trying to get stuff done.

I visited with my dad and his wife this week. I am always amazed at how well they are doing. They have just bought a new car with all kinds of bells and whistles. Their cup holders have built in heater and coolers. They can insert SD cards with music instead of CDs.

Most of next week will be spent with family and friends. We also have made an appointment with the vet Thursday morning to have Shadow put to sleep. She is going downhill very fast and my mind and heart both now agree that it is the kindest thing we can do for Shadow. I will be sad and will miss her for a long time, but she in constant pain and struggles with walking despite all the medication she is on.

We started cleaning the garage today. We went through all the camping & backpacking gear. We packed some to go with us, organized the stuff that will stay home and threw away the junk. Mary also worked some on cleaning out her office. I persuaded her to let me paint the desk and I did that this afternoon. In our spare time we sat out on the back deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather with the dogs.