RV Shopping

Pasted GraphicThere are some really nice looking new RVs on the market. Ever so often I decide to look at them. Ours is not getting any younger and we would like a little more living space. The new fifth-wheels offer more living space, better insulation, dishwashers, huge TVs on lifts that raise them out of a cabinet when you want to watch, sound systems with large subwoofers, fireplaces and lots of bells and whistles. All of these things (except the insulation) come at the expense of compactness and indoor storage.

Our fifth-wheel is thirty feet long and has two slide-outs. It is designed for full-time living. The new fifth-wheels that are designed for full-time living are over thirty-six feet long and have at least three slide-outs. We would like the three slide-outs, but do not want the extra six or more feet in length. After looking at RVs for months (Mary says years), we determined that if we want a new RV we are going to have to go longer. We started looking at fifth-wheels under thirty-seven feet that are designed for year-round, full-time living.

Using my list of criteria of what an RV must have for us to even consider it, I narrowed down the field of thousands to about five fifth-wheels. We have been able to locate all but one of them. All the new fifth-wheels that meet my criteria are very nice. All have more floor space and more bells and whistles. Unfortunately none of them have half as much kitchen storage as we have. None of them have a computer desk in the bedroom. None of them have an entertainment center with tons of storage. None have as much bathroom storage as we have. None have room for Moxie’s crate in the bedroom.

As much as we like all the “things” in the new fifth-wheels, we do not want to have to give up the stuff that we have in the cabinets, closets and drawers of our RV. This week, I went through all the “stuff” we have in our RV in an attempt to determine what we do not use. I found a few things and got rid of them, but we still have and use a lot of stuff that would not fit in a new fifth-wheel. Our decision about what to do came down to a decision of do we keep the things we “need” or trade for things we “want”. Looking at it that way it was pretty much a no brainer. I suppose we will live in this RV until it falls apart around us and then go back home.

We have a rain-snow mix today. This is the first precipitation we have had since relocating to Flagstaff. According to the weather station it is suppose to keep it up all day. Moxie was not happy about having to go out in the rain.