Sprucing Up

Every time we get ready for a long trip we make a few changes in the RV. Things we did not use on our last trip come out and some new things go in. Although we make changes, some things stay the same.

Mary decided that she needs to get as much of her stuff packed in the RV as possible before having shoulder surgery on February 5th. She will only have one working arm for a while. Since she did not go to work until late this afternoon, we went to the RV so she could see what she had in the RV and how much space she had for more stuff.

One thing that remains the same trip after trip is that Mary never has enough room for her clothes. She has hanging space for forty-seven items, seven drawers, one cabinet and a closet shelf. She says she needs more space for clothes than I do because she works and I don’t. I’m not sure I understand that reasoning. Mary can wear casual clothes to work (jeans, shorts, tee shirts, casual shirts, etc). She does not require special “work clothes”. We both wear clothes seven days a week. Although I don’t understand, I realize that how she sees it so I try to take as little space as I can so she has a little extra space.

I took all the shelves out of the RV refrigerator and cleaned the inside while Mary was worrying about not having enough space for her clothes. I did not remind her that she had never gone to work naked, barefoot or in her PJs.

Some of the things that are changing in the RV are: 1) The RV got a new electric skillet, a crockpot and a hotpot to replace the old larger ones. 2) The exterior steps are getting new covers - the old ones are badly worn. 3) The TV is getting a new smart blu-ray player that will allow us to stream Netflix and Amazon videos. 4) The kitchen is getting a smaller dining table - making a little more room for us to play wii and space for a tiny table beside the couch for my wine glass. 6) Moxie is getting a folding crate to sleep in - she feels much safer sleeping in a crate. 7) Mary is getting a new recliner. 8) Kitchen chairs are being recovered.

While putting my new clothes in the drawers on my side of the closet, I hit my head on the sliding closet door holder. I hit it hard enough to split my head open and fill up a paper towel with blood. I also broke the door latch. I’m going to wait till my headache is gone before repairing the door latch.