Sunshine and Warm Temps

Although it is still getting below freezing at night, the last few days have been warm. The RV, truck and car all got a bath yesterday. All the dirt collected driving over 2500 miles has been washed away. I suspect all vehicles weight a few pounds less. Mary was really bothered by how dirty the RV was and that we had not been able to find a place to wash it (the RV park does not allow washing in the park). The place that washed the RV also washed the truck - both for $89.00 (a deal as far as we are concerned).

Today we went for a short, slow, careful bike ride in Rattlesnake Recreation Area. Mary can ride her bike short distances as long as she does not fall. We road about five miles on a dirt road along a creek. She was very pleased to be on the bike even it was only for a short, slow ride.