Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.35.22 AM Here is the most up to date route plan. Of course things are always subject to change along the way. We do not have a time table for travel, but we have figured out that we will be driving at least eleven days (perhaps more depending on what we find along the way). We have tentatively planned stops, but no set days for arriving at those locations.

When we first started traveling with the RV, I had every detail of the trip planned days before we headed out. Mary has always been much more of a, "let's just hitch up and go - we will figure it out," kind of person. With experience, I have become much more relaxed about planning. I have learned that we can find fuel, food, and places to spend the night without too much trouble. That being said, we have spent the night in some "unusual places", eaten some less than desirable food and been way outside our comfort zone watching the needle on the fuel tank slip closer and closer to empty. But in the end everything has worked out. So with years of good experiences, I have loosened up on the travel planning.

This trip will be a little more adventurous than our other trips. There will be long stretches of two-lane road with nothing (no cell service, no internet, no fuel stops, no stores, etc.). Road conditions will be less than ideal for many many miles once we get into the Yukon (damage from winter weather). Many campgrounds, stores, fuel stops will not be open during the time we will be traveling (many close for the winter and do not open till late May or early June). Weather will be much less predictable (it can snow anytime and temps can drop to well below freezing). If we need help, it could be a long time coming. We think we are prepared for all of the above, and if not…. we will figure it out - we always do.

Let the adventure begin!!!!