Melancholy & Excitement

double rainbow
There are many things we love about our vagabond lifestyle. We love going new places, seeing new things and meeting new people. We have met many people and made many friends on the road. Despite what we see, hear and read in the media, we have come to realize that 98% of people in this country are wonderful human beings. The great majority of people we have met are caring, compassionate and doing the best they can to take care of themselves. Living in RV parks, we meet people traveling in RVs that cost more than most people's homes. We also meet people who cannot afford to live anywhere except for an RV park. Then there are the people like us; the wanders and adventurers. All these people share a common lifestyle. All have to deal with their own sewage. All have to take care that their water does not freeze up on cold nights. All live in very compact spaces and very close to their neighbors. Our experience has been that almost all of these people get along, watch out for and help each other.

There is one thing about our lifestyle that is an essential part of being vagabonds that I don't really care for. I do not like leaving the friends we make along the way. Bend and Missoula were very hard to leave because we made many friends there. Boise is the same way; we feel at home in Boise. We have many friends here. We are part of the community in Boise.

Today begins the countdown to our leaving Boise. Two weeks from today we will be on the road again. I woke up this morning with the melancholy feeling that I get each time we leave a place & people that I love. Mixed in with the melancholy is excitement about the next adventure - it is an odd combination - sort of like a double rainbow in the middle of terrible storm.

I have already started getting ready to leave. I have gone through all my clothes getting rid of the things I haven't used (including 5 pairs of shoes, a few pairs of pants and several tee-shirts. I have organized the three storage boxes that contain my seasonal clothing, boating gear and biking gear. I even went through all my electronics and organized them.

We have added a few things for our next trip. We now have tire pressure monitors on the RV and the truck (a safety feature that we probably should have had long ago). We have walkie talkies that will allow us to communicate between vehicles since we will be traveling through long sections of road with no cell service. We have also added a Verizon MIfi Jetpack with an unlimited data plan so we will have internet everywhere in the USA we have a 3/4 G cell signal. This will be the longest trip we have made.