Day 1 - NC to MT

IMG_3217Last night we hitched up the RV to the truck. Mary generally does not hitch up, but she was driving the truck and appeared to be lined up so I motioned her to come on back - "POP" right into the hitch on the first try. I don't know who was more impressed, Mary or me. To celebrate, and because there was no food in the house, we went out to dinner. In yesterday's blog there was a photo of kayaks on top of the car…..

After dinner we drove home, up the driveway and "BAM" almost into the garage. Our garage door is not high enough for the car and the boats. I cringed and put the car in reverse. The garage looked ok. The boats were still on top of the car - sort of. Upon closer inspection one of the kayak stackers had broken into many pieces. Our first thought was that we were going to have to go buy a new one. Then we remembered that Mary had an ancient pair and since Mary never throws anything away I knew they had to be somewhere in the garage. After a few minutes of digging Mary produced a kayak stacker. We managed to get the stacker in place without removing the boat from the top of the car. We re-strapped the boat and all was as good as new.

This morning we were on the road by 8:00. This is a good indication of Mary's eagerness to get to Missoula - she never even thinks about getting out of bed before 9:00. We skillful avoided a near miss pile-up in six lanes of traffic in Tennessee. For what ever reason, traffic moving about 70 miles an hour came to a screeching halt in both directions. As I slammed on the breaks I had visions of our insurance agent in my head. I do not think it would go very well if we had to call and report that Mary rear ended a vehicle in front of her and I slammed into the rear of the RV.

We pulled into an RV Park in Mt Vernon, IL for the night. When we hooked up the water we discovered that the toilet was leaking. Bad new is that in an RV there is no valve to turn off the toilet so we had to unhook the water to the RV meaning no water at all. Fortunately the RV park had bathrooms and we had four gallons of water with us. We were not happy to discover the leak. This is the second water leak we have had with the new RV.

The rest of the evening was quite pleasant. There was a nice open area for Moxie to run. The RV has a comfortable couch and recliner. There is an electric fireplace to make things cozy.