Too Much Time

Having too much time on my hands and not enough to do leaves me too much time to think. Mary says when I have too much time to think I come up with too many projects for us to do. My projects often mean work for Mary.

It is the last day of April and the temperature was in the teens this morning. Seeing the temperature every morning has made me start thinking about how we are going to keep warm in the winter. Some of the newer RVs are better insulated than ours, but none of them are known for being well insulated or draft free. I have been reading how other RVers have managed to survive winters in cold climates and I think it is doable. That being said, I prefer to be comfortable rather than “survive”. Our biggest issue will be keeping water running. Our RV has what is called a heated underbelly and heating pads on the water tanks that turn on when the furnace turns on. That will help with the water situation. However, that alone is not going to keep water flowing if the temperature is in the single digits or below zero. We must get water to the RV and get waste water out of the RV. I think we are going to have to “skirt” the RV to help keep the underside of the RV warmer - sort of like a crawl space under the house. We will be able to run most of the water hose and sewage hose under the RV and the skirt should help keep them warmer.

I have located three internet companies that sell RV skirting - a heavy vinyl fabric that is attached to the sides of the RV using snaps and hangs to the ground. While companies sell the skirting, they do not put it on the RV - putting the bottom part of the snaps onto the RV in the correct location so that the snaps on the skirt line up is something the RV owner has to do. Snaps have to be put on the RV about every ten inches to hold the skirt. Also, if you want access to such things as your water hookups or storage areas, you have to put zippers on the skirt in the correct location so you can unzip and access those things. The companies that sell the skirting also sell glue, zippers and extra skirt fabric so the RV owners can customize their skirts.

If we decide that skirting the RV is the way to go, we will want to do that when it is warm. The companies say it takes several weeks to months for them to make and send you the skirting material. So, we need to measure and get the skirting and other supplies ordered within the next few weeks

There are things we can do inside to help also. We already have insulators for our ceiling vents and skylight and the reflex insulation for the windows. We can put insulation around the area where the slideouts join the main body of the RV and put plastic over the windows. I have also read that some people put styrofoam board insulation on top of their slide outs to help keep some warmth in.