An RVer's Work is Never Done

Twenty-one days until we leave North Carolina. One week of that time will be spend out of town visiting family. Meal times on a lot of the other days will be spent with friends. I went over to the storage lot where the RV lives when we are in North Carolina to drop off a few things. While there I hung some pictures and did some cleaning. I do not know how dirt and dust get inside a place that has been mostly closed up since it was last cleaned. I also went through a few more cabinets and took out some stuff that we won’t be needing.

The RV is looking good. The new recliner really looks good and the smaller table and recovered chairs are nice too. When we bought the RV, it had flowered upholstery and flowered window treatments. What wasn’t flowers was blue. From the beginning I knew the flowers had to go - the RV looked like something my aunt would live in rather than looking like a place we would live. I have slowly chipped away at the ugly and in my mind it is really starting to look good. Mary professes that she could care less what it looks like - but her words and actions don’t match. Getting ride of all the flowers made the RV look more spacious and putting in a smaller table actually made it a little more spacious.

We have tried many times to hang pictures on the wall beside the recliner and have been unsuccessful. I decided to try some of the static cling decals on the wall. Today I put up tree branches and birds. I think I like it. I have a few more leaves and birds that can be added. You can see some of it in the photo of the recliner.