As unbelievable as it is, we have another issue with the RV. The other morning I got up and noticed the clock on the microwave was not on. I checked breaker, GFI outlets and such. Finally decide to check the dedicated outlet that the microwave/convection oven is plugged into. There was no power from the outlet. I rechecked everything again. Unhooked the RV from the campground electricity, hooked back up and checked everything again. The outlet was still dead. As best as I can determine every thing else in the RV is working as it should.

I asked the RV park about a mobile RV service provider - there is one in town, but he does not deal with electrical issues involving 110 volts. I emailed and then called Cedar Creek who told me there were no Cedar Creek dealers anywhere near us but they would make an exception and pay for repairs as long as the issue was a defect and repaired by a certified RV tech. This is the second "one time exception" Cedar Creek has made for us in less than a week.

I called a local RV dealer who can get us in on Saturday. That means we will have to pack everything up and drive the RV across town to the dealer. The service manager assured me that they would have the RV back to us on Saturday. She told me that they should have the parts on hand if the problem is nothing more than the outlet, however if there are other problems and they have to order parts we may have to bring the RV back on another day.

Life in the RV is quite comfortable and the RV is beautiful, but the problems we are having are becoming very frustrating. I keep thinking, "this has got to be last thing," but so far I have been wrong every time. I am frustrated with the problems and amazed that reviews on Cedar Creek products are excellent. On the RV owner forums people who have Cedar Creeks love them and are very happy with their quality.

We went to visit Niffer yesterday. Niffer is a wonderful person and friend and it was fantastic to see her and spend some time with her. I am looking forward to spending more time with her. Niffer had a buffalo in her freeze and gave us a couple of buffalo t-bones that we had for dinner last night - very tender and tasty. I love buffalo and think it is much healthier than cow - no hormones, no antibiotics, etc. - plus it just taste better.

Today we went to Rattlesnake Recreation Area for a hike. Mary is not really able to hike - so it was actually more of a walk. We also went to Rattlesnake Garden for lunch - a great little place to eat.