Packing Up / Cleaning Out

IMG_3072We are in the process of packing the RV, planning our trip, and preparing the house to be rented. We are doing this with a few handicaps. Mary tore her Achilles tendon snowboarding and has been out of work and in a cast for the past six weeks. She has tried to help with packing and cleaning out the house as much as she can. Keenan is without a nanny so I have been and will continue to go to Creedmoor (4 hours away) to help with Keenan. We are also trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and family before we leave town the end of this month. Ready or not, we will leave town by the end of the month.

We are renting the house to a couple who has their own furniture so we are having to do more to get the house ready to rent than what we have done in the past. We are moving some of our stuff out where in the past we have just left our stuff here and walked out. This is a good thing because it is forcing us to go through stuff and get rid of things.

Packing the new RV has been a pleasure so far. I was very concerned about storage space but so far we have had zero issues. A very nice thing that we did not notice when we purchased the RV is that it has a large wall on which we plan to hang photos. We have had canvases made of family photos and will hang them in the hallway. I am very happy about this. We have always had a few family photos in the RV, but they were 4x6 or 5x7 photos. Not anymore, we will have a photo gallery with house size photos..

Between magnets and 3m Command hooks, we have the kitchen packed with everything we need (except food). We even have space for ice trays in the freezer so this will be the first time we have had ice in the RV.

Mary's cast was removed and replaced with a heavy boot that goes up to her knee today. She thinks she will be able to help a little more with the packing and moving. The photo in this post is the garage where we are putting stuff that has to go with us including bicycles, kayaks, lounge chairs and other RVing toys.

Asheville has had a tough winter with more rainy/snow/icy days than sunny days. We are both ready to get back on the road.