Cedar Creek 32RL

On Monday morning we headed to the storage lot to get our old RV and take it to Tom Johnson’s Camping Center where we would trade it for a new RV. When we arrived at the storage lot the truck that we tow the RV with would not start. We call Good Sam Roadside Service and notified Tom Johnson’s Camp Center that we were going to be late. As we waited for help, I told Mary that the truck not starting was the SeaBreeze saying she didn’t want to leave us.

Within half an hour we were on our way with the SeaBreeze in tow. Tom Johnson’s Camping Center has selling RVs down to an art. We were met in the parking lot by our salesman and taken to the new RV on a golf cart. Two tech’s were waiting for us and showed us how everything in the RV worked. This took a couple of hours. We were then taken by golf cart to the financial person to pay for the RV. The financial person went over all the purchase details and took our money. She then walked us to the camp store where we were met by one of the store sales people. He told us we had a fifty dollar credit from Tom Johnson’s Camping Center to get anything we needed or wanted for the RV.

From the camp store we were taken to an area where both our old and new RVs had been set up door to door so we could move everything from the old RV to the new RV. While we were doing other things, a tech had installed a backup camera in the truck, adjusted the hitch for optimal towing of the new RV, and determined that the truck batteries needed to be replaced. We moved all of our stuff into the new RV.

It was past lunch time so we walked over to the Tom Johnson’s Cafe for lunch. After ordering lunch, we notified our two salesmen that all of our stuff had been moved to the new RV. After lunch Mary headed back home so she could go to work that evening. The new RV was moved to a campsite and set up for me to spend the night. When you buy an RV at Tom Johnson’s, they want you to spend at least three nights in their campground so they can tweak anything that might need to be tweaked.

I mentioned to one of our salesmen that we were going to have to figure out how to get new batteries for the truck (it takes two). He said that Tom Johnson’s probably had batteries. While I was finding a place for everything in the new RV the salesman was checking on batteries. A couple of hours later both salesmen came to the door and asked for the truck keys so they could install new batteries.

Before it got dark, the salesmen came by again to make sure everything was ok and to tell me if I needed anything during the night just to call them.

I spent the evening checking out everything to make sure it all worked like it was supposed to. By mid-morning Tuesday I had a list of things I wanted the techs to check. All things were addressed in a timely manner. Mary and Moxie came to the campground Tuesday afternoon and Mary looked around to see if she could find anything that needed to be checked by the techs. We had a very short list of things for the techs this morning. By this evening we were unable to find anything else that needs attention.

Tom Johnson’s Camping Center was named the #1 RV dealer by Good Sam Camping Club. They are obviously working hard to maintain their reputation. I know we would have to think long and hard about ever buying an RV from any other dealer.

Tomorrow morning we will take our new RV home and leave the SeaBreeze with Tom Johnson’s Camping Center to find a new owner. I still don’t love the Cedar Creek like I loved the SeaBreeze but I’m sure that will change with time.