The Reindeer Farm

Alaska doesn't have a DisneyWorld or a SixFlags, but it does have the Reindeer Farm. I have discovered that some people think reindeers are imaginary, but I am here to tell you that they are indeed real. Reindeer are domesticated caribou. Alaska and Canada have caribou herds and people also raise caribou - which makes them domesticated and therefore reindeer.

Traveling down the road one day we saw a sign for the Reindeer Farm. Not being in a hurry we decided to visit. The Reindeer Farm is more than a reindeer farm. The reindeer farm has bunnies, pigs, elk, a bison, chickens and horseback rides in the summer. We decided to go on the horseback ride. Since we have not had rain in weeks, the trail was very dusty. The horses were very well behaved and the ride was quite pleasant. We rode up to a butte and back down to the farm.

After the trail ride, we went to see the chickens, bunnies and miniature pig before the reindeer tour. The reindeer tour was somewhat educational. It included information about reindeer, bison and elk. It also included feeding all three species.

No it is not DisneyWorld, but it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.