Home Alone

Moxie and I were home alone for half the day today - Mary went to work. Moxie and I slept late and went for a long walk in the open space that adjoins the RV park. When we got home from our walk, it was warm enough for us to sit outside in the sun until it was time for Mary to come home.

Moxie is getting a little more bold on our walks. She will go off and explore a little. As soon as it is warm enough for the whistle pigs to come out of hibernation I bet she will hard to keep up with - Moxie loves chasing whistle pigs. She never gets close enough to catch one which is a good thing, I would not want her to hurt one.

The RV park owners are probably going ballistic. The road in front of the park has been under heavy construction since Monday and the main entrance to the park is blocked by huge road equipment. To get to into this expensive park, you have to drive across a large open field over a dirt path. That is the lesser of their problems. Today a leak was found in the clubhouse which houses the bathrooms, showers and laundry. All had to be closed. A park worker just came by telling everyone to fill their RV fresh water tank, because all water in the park will be shut off tomorrow morning. We are fortunate, our tank holds a hundred gallons - plenty for showers, cooking, etc.