Superlatives or Not

We have spent quite a bit of time traveling. Based on our experiences here are the best and worst of places where we have spent enough time to have a fair biased opinion. I am sure there are many categories we have omitted by accident and some we omitted because there were no "stand outs." We only included places where we have been multiple times or for several months.

Best Greenways: Anchorage, AK - hand downs there is not even a close second
Worst Greenways: Asheville, NC - what greenways????

Best Recreational Mountain Biking: Bend, OR; Whitehorse, YK; Jasper, AB; Anchorage, AK; Fruita, CO are all well above average
Worst Recreational Mountain Biking: Missoula, MT - lots of trails, but they are not signed - we spent a lot of time trying to figure out where we were.

Best Pizza: Boise, ID Flying Pizza Pie
Worst Pizza: Anchorage, AK - we had pizza at the highest rated place in town - oh my - that was the last pizza we will have in Anchorage

Best Weather: Bend, OR
Worst Weather: Flagstaff, AZ - very windy; Raleigh, NC and Asheville, NC tied for second due to humidity and rain

Best Local Skiing: Boise, ID - Bogus Basin
Worst Local Skiing: Asheville, NC - Catalochee, what a joke and Mary got broke

Most Friendly: Boise, ID and Bend, OR
Least Friendly: Flagstaff, AZ

Most Expensive: Anchorage, AK with Bend, OR a distant second
Least Expensive: Boise, ID by a long shot

Best Scenery: Anchorage, AK with Bend, OR and Jasper, AB tied for second
Worst Scenery: Raleigh, NC

Most Diverse: Anchorage, AK
Least Diverse: Missoula, MT

Best Outdoor Festivals / Events: Missoula, MT followed by Boise, ID

Best RV Park: Banff, AB - Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court followed by Bend, OR - Crownvilla RV Resort
Worst RV Parks: Anchorage, AK: no other place even comes close

Worst Connectivity (cellular and wifi): Anchorage, AK: never had more than three bars - dropped calls on a regular basis - wifi speed below 1 MG daily.

Most Bugs: Anchorage, AK

Worst Traffic: Missoula, MT

Best Recreational Rivers: Missoula, MT and Boise, ID

Best Parks: Boise, ID
Worst Parks: Asheville, NC

Best Breweries: Bend, OR

Best Happy Hour: Bend, OR

Best RV Park: Banff, AB

Best Coin Laundry: Missoula, MT
Worst Coin Laundry: Anchorage, AK

Best Restaurants - Asheville, NC

Worst Drivers: Anchorage, AK (very aggressive drivers) followed by Raleigh, NC and Asheville, NC

Best Ice Cream Shop: Boise, ID - Goody's (Bend, OR also has a Goody's but it is not a cool as the one in Boise)

Best Grocery Store: Boise, ID - WINCO
Worst Grocery Stores - Flagstaff, AZ