Dee Wright Observatory

Dee Wright Observatory is located at the top of McKenzie Pass. It was built from lava rock during the Great Depression and is surrounded by a large lava flow. The structure is built so that each opening in the wall of the observatory showcases one of the surrounding mountains. There is a trail through part of the lava flow with signs providing info about the area. McKenzie Pass follows an 1860 wagon road. The route was cut through the sixty-five square mile lava flow so settlers could travel farther west.

McKenzie Pass is open to motor vehicles only a few months each year. At other times it is covered with snow or only open to bicycles. The road is narrow and curvy and travels through Ponderosa Pine forests on its way to the summit of the pass.

P7070325Mary is working today so this was a good day for me to work on my RV project. Mary does not like my RV projects - she prefers to hire someone to take care of things. I hire people to do things I don’t think I can do and things that I mess up when trying to do them (and therefore know I can’t do). If a project is something that I think I can do then I try to do it.
This afternoon, I worked on my current RV project. I am skirting the RV to help us stay warm and keep pipes and water tanks from freezing this winter. I have the skirt on about two-thirds of the RV. I have not done any of the finish work on it, but once it is finished, it will have zippers for access to various outside compartments, will be weighted on the bottom so the wind does not blow it, and will be sealed up around the steps and ladder. I am using marine grade adhesive screw studs to attach the skirt to the RV. Once I attach it to the RV I have to leave it alone for a few warm days so the adhesive sets up. I have one more section of skirt to attach to the RV, but I am not going to do that until I am sure we will not need or want to get into our storage compartments or utility compartments for three days because those are the areas where I need to install the skirt. If I can successfully complete the project I will save over $800.00 by doing it myself.

Update on Mary: Mary is looking much better, but her teeth still do not line up and her mouth only opens about 3/4 inch. She still cannot eat solid food very well. She sees an oral surgeon next week.

Here are some photos from the summit of McKenzie Pass and the observatory. What might look like dirt in the photos is actually lava rock.