Hello Flagstaff

We arrived in Flagstaff two days ago. The manager at Greer’s Pine Shadow RV Park helped us select an RV site and showed us around the park. Greer’s is not the nicest park we have stayed in, but it is the best available in Flagstaff and it seems safe and friendly. We have a site with a privacy fence at the edge of our front yard. The park backs up to Coconino National Forest and there are miles and miles of trails.

Arizona is the only state in the nation that does not observe Daylight Savings Time so the sun rises very early and sets early here. Moxie and I have gone for long morning walks both mornings we have been here. This morning we walked along a trail that goes all the way to the Grand Canyon.

We have spend most of our time in Flagstaff getting set up. We have over the air TV programed (no cable or satellite), we had 4G internet installed today. We have located a grocery store, a laundry mat (the RV has one but it will not open until all danger of freezing has passed), and other necessities. Today we went to Walgreens and discovered that you can buy liquor and candy in the same aisle. Apparently Arrizona does not control the sell of liquor.

We think we are going to like Flagstaff.