Day One on the Alaska Highway

Alaska_Highway_StartThe next morning, we took some time to clean out our sewage tanks (since we had not been able to do that since we left West Yellowstone. One thing I am picky about is keeping those tanks clean - I know it drives Mary crazy that I am so picky about it, but we do not have any issues with odors or clogs that so many RVer have. We met some people from Knoxville, TN in the RV park that were also heading to Alaska. The were searched at the Canadian border.

We left Dawson Creek and headed for Fort Nelson, BC. We had selected The Triple G Hideaway as our stopping point for the night thinking it looked and sounded nice online. When we arrived, Mary pulled in with the RV. I got out of the car and walked over to the truck. Mary said, "I don't know, it doesn't look so good." I agreed, but it and a pullout on the side of the road were our only options. I went in to the office to talk with the owners. They were just opening for the season and the place was a mess. The roads in the park were blocked with equipment. The staff was very nice and very funny. We got a site and I was told, "Just have her wiggle around through the other sites and find one you like. If it were me, I'd pick one in the back of the park - it's quieter." I walked out to the truck trying to figure out why it was quieter in the back when there were only three other RVs in the park and there was no traffic on the road. My though was that the owner knew best and so I told Mary to, "Just wiggle through to the back of the park…" Her response, "You don't wiggle through anything when you are over fifty feet long!". None-the-less, Mary wiggled through and we found a "quiet" site. The person at the desk in the RV office told me that they would be serving breakfast in the morning if she could get the cook out of bed. We decided we would have breakfast at The Triple G.