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We traded the SeaBreeze on September 30, 2014 for a new Cedar Creek RV. The entry below was written several years ago when we started this new blog.

Home is a relative term for us. Home is where the RV is - this means that home can be on the highway, in an RV park, in a Walmart parking lot, at a truck stop, in a wooded campsite along a river, etc.

Our RV is a 2001 National RV Sea Breeze 5th Wheel. It is thirty feet long and has two slide-outs to give us a little extra space. We have redone much of the inside to make it look more like us. It is quite cozy and comfortable. The biggest surprise is that it holds everything we need with space to spare.

While some people consider us to be camping, we really aren't. We have all the conveniences of home (except for a dishwasher and laundry). Our kitchen has a pantry, two ovens, a stove, a microwave, a refrigerator & freezer, small appliances, ample cabinets & drawers, a double sink and Corian countertop workspace for two. Our dinning area has a table and two chairs. In the living area we have a couch, a recliner and an end table. The entertainment center has a 32" TV, a blu-ray player, a Wii console, an ipod player, and ample storage for books, dvd's and games. The hall has a linen closet and a coat closet. The bathroom has a shower & small tub, a porcelain toilet, a sink & vanity, medicine cabinet, towel racks, and a storage cabinet. The bedroom contains an office area where the desktop computer lives, an eight foot closet, lots of drawers & cabinets, two nightstands, a queen bed and space for Moxie's crate.

We have looked for a new RV with a third slide out, but have been unable to find one with as much storage space and as many amenities as we have in ours. Another issue with the new fifth-wheels is that they are longer than ours. We like the length of ours because we are small enough to get into national park campgrounds. So, we just keep updating and continue living in our old RV.

We also have a stick and brick home. It is located in Fairview, North Carolina (a suburb of Asheville).

When we use the term "home" you have to figure out by the context just where we mean. In general, home is wherever we happen to be.

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