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Moxie is a shy little girl who is afraid of everything that moves or makes noise. She tries to scare away things that frighten her with her high-pitched wimpy bark (it does't work). When she can't scare things away she turns her head so she can't see the source of her fear and can pretend it isn't there. We work with her on being brave, but it is very hard for her.

Moxie loves to swim and go on hikes. When hiking she prefers to run beside the trail rather than on the trail. She loves hopping up on rocks and walking on logs.

Moxie is extremely sweet to her family. She thinks she is a forty pound lap dog. She is such a little lady, she crosses her front legs when she is relaxing on the couch.

Moxie can tell time. She knows what time she gets her breakfast and dinner. She also knows when it is time for her dessert.

If Moxie does not know you, she will pretend you are not there. The best way to become friends with Moxie is to ignore her and let her come to you.

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As of March 2013, Shadow will only be traveling with us in spirit. Shadow was the world's best Australian Cattle Dog. Rest in peace dear Shadow.