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The Cedar Creek 32RL is a major upgrade from the SeaBreeze. First of all, it is thirteen years newer. It has three slideouts instead of two and is six feet eight inches longer. I know that when talking about living space six feet eight inches does not sound like a lot, but it is over 20% larger than the space in the SeaBreeze. Here is where that extra space is: Instead of a narrow closet just barely wide enough for coat hangers, we have a deep closet - it is called a walk-in closet and indeed I can walk into it, but it is not a walk-in closet like you would have in a stick and brick house; It has an enclosed bathroom rather than using the hallway as part of the bathroom like in the SeaBreeze; It has a larger living area with an electric fireplace, a larger couch, a larger tv and room for two recliners instead of one. Our plan is to remove one of the recliners and put in a small desk.

We will not actually live in the Cedar Creek until Spring of 2015 when we head back out west. In the meantime, we are learning how to use the six point leveling system and how to winterize it (removing all water from pipes, filters and the hot water tank and putting antifreeze in all drains).

Mary is making shelves to put in the back of the “walk-in closet” so we have more space for shoes (there are four shelves already there; Mary is adding four more). And I am putting up Command hooks and storage containers in places where we need hooks and storage containers.

Over the winter, we will pack the things that we will be taking with us when we leave this spring. Right now neither of us love the Cedar Creek, we both like it, but it still does not seem like home. I am sure that will come once we are living in it and have learned how to operate everything.